Canterbury Council Update
by Linda Eisler (Councillor)

Canterbury Councillor
Linda Eisler
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May 2012

Active Open Space Review

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, R-7-5 PT2

Min. No. 236 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

  1. Council arrange a meeting, or series of meetings, as required, with neighbouring councils to review the amount of active open space allocated by councils for use by sporting groups and clubs across the region in an attempt to achieve the optimal use of available space.
  2. Councillors, relevant staff, interested sporting groups and community groups to participate in the review process as appropriate.
  3. The proposal be referred to the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) for its comment and possible participation in the review.

Transfer Of Land To Wolli Creek Regional Park

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, W-25-12 PT4

Min. No. 149 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Adler)

THAT the transfer of land from NSW Parks and Wildlife to the Wolli Creek Regional Park be completed as a matter of urgency AND THAT the timeframe for the transfer be presented to the Council meeting in June 2012.

Appropriate Tree Planting For Private Property Brochure

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, T-37-1 PT2

Min. No. 147 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Adler)


  1. Council request the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) to develop material about responsible tree planting that can be distributed on an annual basis with Rates notices. The brochures should include information about:
    • Trees that are particularly unsuitable for small suburban blocks and likely to cause damage, for example, camphor laurels, liquidambars and willow trees;
    • Where to locate trees to prevent trouble, for example, distance from fences, buildings;
    • How to trim trees to minimise overhang;
    • Trees that are particularly suitable for small blocks; and
    • Where people can get advice about tree planting.
  2. If SSROC is not the appropriate body, Council develop its own brochure.

M5 East Proposed Duplication

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, E-45-14 PT3

MOTION (Councillor Eisler)

THAT having regard to the almost stationary state of vehicle kilometres travelled in Sydney over the past eight years, the imminent surge in petrol prices with world economic recovery and peak oil, the need for infrastructure spending to be directed to the provision of public transport rather than roads and the crucial biodiversity values of the bushland of the Wolli Creek Valley, this Council opposes the duplication of the M5 East, in particular the proposed destruction, for a second tunnel, of over 10% of the identified priority bushland area of the Valley, which is the largest natural area in Sydney’s inner South-West and the Cooks River catchment.

In light of this, Council calls upon the Minister for Roads to direct Roads and Maritime Services not to undertake exploratory drilling for the tunnel anywhere in the Wolli Valley bushland.

The motion on being put to the meeting LAPSED for want of a seconder.

During discussion of the above item, the following MOTION was moved.

Min. No. 148 RESOLVED (Councillors Kritharas/Kebbe)


  1. Council write to the NSW Minister for Roads and Maritime Services expressing qualified support for the duplication of the M5 East and in particular the tunnel section of the road that will pass under precious bushland in the Wolli Creek Valley,
  2. Council call on the NSW Government to ensure the project is constructed in an environmentally friendly manner with minimum negative impact on the bio-diversity values of the bushland areas in the Wolli Creek Valley along the route of the motorway duplication AND THAT any drilling undertaken be minimised and in accordance with environmental regulations and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Councillor Eisler requested that her name be recorded as having voted against the resolution.

Note Wolli Creek Preservation Society commented on the above motion saying "WCPS is disappointed that Council's resolution, moved by two ALP members, notes how precious Wolli bushland is, yet makes no call on the Sate Coalition Government to avoid destroying that bushland. That any drilling should be done in accord with environmental regulations should surely be taken as read. That drilling should be done in 'an environmentally friendly manner' is just oxymoronic - the only thing that would be environmentally 'friendly' would be to have no drilling at all. More likely we will see the bushland trashed by drilling and then argued to be of little value.

"However, we are not surprised by this. The previous ALP State Government, despite many representations, public meetings, campaigns by WCPS, failed to deliver on its commitment made in 1998 to turn all the Wolli bushland into a Regional Park under NPWS management. Its local members on Council now propose such a wishy-washy motion that it will have the effect of endorsing RMS plans to destroy a vital two-hectare section of that bushland.

"We are grateful to Councillor Eisler, for her resolute opposition to the drilling and, like her, we oppose the whole idea of spending megabucks on a road duplication that will attract more vehicles, reduce public transport use, and suck funds away from constructing the public transport network needed to reduce the traffic trying to use the M5E, all at a time when petrol prices are bound to take off with the hoped-for world economic recovery."

Aquatic and Fitness Centres


Min. No. 125 RESOLVED (Councillors Adler/Eisler)

THAT Council notes the importance of the aquatic and fitness centres for our community and is committed to retain the full spectrum of services that the centres provide.

Accordingly Council resolves THAT an Aquatic and Fitness Centres Advisory Committee be established to provide advice to Council on the strategic direction for the centres and any important issues that may arise.

The Committee will be chaired by a Councillor and consist of one Councillor from each Ward and representatives of the community with Council officers at the discretion of the General Manager AND THAT the Terms of Reference and Meeting Procedures for the Committee be reported to the next meeting of Council in June.

April 2012

Earth V Sky exhibition

Greens Councillors Irene Doutney of the City of Sydney and Linda Eisler of Canterbury attended the opening of Earth V Sky exhibition by artist Allan Giddy in St Paul VI reserve at Bicentennial Park at the end of Glebe Point Rd Glebe.

The installation is sustainably powered by the City of Sydney's first wind turbine. As the earth seeks to balance the sky through colour opposition, the turbine balances the electricity used to create it. Allan Giddy is a pioneer of alternative energy systems and light in time-based sculpture. The exhibition is on permanent display at dusk each evening.
Irene Doutney and Linda Eisler   Earth v Sky  

February 2012

Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) Renewable Energy Initiative

FILE NO: S-105-13 PT2

Min. No. 66 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

  1. The report regarding the proposed tender for the development of a Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) Regional Renewable Energy Master Plan be noted.
  2. The objective of 30% renewable energy use by 2030 be endorsed.
  3. The need for councils to facilitate and potentially actively participate in the development of renewable energy infrastructure be supported.
  4. Expenditure of up to $10,000 as Council’s contribution to the cost of the consultancy required be endorsed.
  5. The calling of tenders to develop a single Regional Renewable Energy Master Plan for all SSROC Councils be supported.

The SSROC project has come into being through Green Councillors initiating a Renewable Energy Master Plan in 2010/11.

23/02/2012 Development Applications Online

Original motion drafted by Councillor Linda Eisler:
That Site Plans and all Elevation Plans: North; South; East; and West for private Development Applications are placed online for viewing and comment.
That Site Plans and all Elevation Plans: North; South; East; and West, and, Internal Plans for public Development Applications are placed online for viewing and comment.
The online system be established within six months.

Amended Motion

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, D-6-2 PT3

Min. No. 39 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

  1. A report be presented to the Council meeting on 22 March 2012 examining all aspects of publishing development application plans on Council's website with particular reference to the following:
    • Legal issues regarding copyright, privacy laws and the Government Information (Public Access) Act;
    • The cost of uploading and maintaining online plans, particularly version control;
    • Implications for business process.
  2. A timetable for the implementation of an online system be determined, should the report support proceeding with publication of online plans.

23/02/2012 Street Tree Pruning

FILE NO: CC-123-6 PT4, S-81-6 PT4

Min. No. 37 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)
THAT Council

  1. Request AUSGRID organise pruning in early Autumn and not Spring so at least the trees might have the opportunity to recover by Spring and therefore provide shade and feed for the birds.
  2. Require AUSGRID to prune the trees responsibly to maximise the canopy, alternatively
  3. Consider an annual replacement program of the Callistemon species to Council's specifications.
  4. Request AUSGRID to put the wires underground.

November 2011

Destination 2036 - The Future Of NSW Local Government

FILE NO: L-44-4

Min. No. 306 RESOLVED (Councillors Furolo/Eisler)


  1. The draft Vision for local government in NSW developed at the Destination 2036 event be supported.
  2. The removal of rate pegging, the pursuit of new financing models, stronger resource sharing arrangements through Regional Organisations of Councils, and the review of the Local Government Act to provide greater clarity of core responsibilities be nominated as priorities for the draft Action Plan.
  3. Workshops on Destination 2036 be held at appropriate times.

During debate on the above item, the Mayor, Councillor Furolo, vacated the Chair at 8.46 p.m. and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Kritharas, assumed the Chair.
The Mayor, Councillor Furolo, resumed the Chair at 9.12 p.m.

I amended the motion to add the third point: Workshops on Destination 2036 be held at appropriate times.
I believe all Councillors should have had an opportunity to have an input into Destination 2036. The first Conference only included non elected General Managers and Mayors. There was not an opportunity for Councillors to discuss topics before the Conference, rather we were given a fait accompli document. This is too important a topic for all elected Councillors not to have a say in any future discussions.

28/11/11 Community Events Program

FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, P-24-02

Min. No. 391 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Saleh)

An investigation be undertaken into Council's Community Events Program in order to

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the events in achieving their community objectives.
  2. Set out the cost of hosting the events and the available methods of funding.
  3. The suitability of the frequency of staging the events,


The results of the investigation be reported to the first available meeting of the City Services Committee in 2012.


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, T-27-71 PT2

Min. No. 390 RESOLVED (Councillors Kritharas/Eisler)

  1. The public domain works proposed to be undertaken in the Earlwood Town Centre in future years be brought forward for commencement in early 2012.
  2. Particular attention be paid to Homer Street, William Street and Clarke Street, with new paving and street furniture being incorporated into the project.
  3. The Director City Works prepare a delivery program for the project with costings and a timetable for the completion of Earlwood Town Centre upgrade, for presentation to the first Council meeting in 2012.
  4. v
  5. In the meantime work be expedited on the preparation of detailed designs and sourcing of the necessary materials so that actual work can commence immediately after approval is obtained from Council.
  6. The Earlwood Chamber of Commerce be consulted on all aspects of the project, especially the proposed timetable, and a selection of materials.

August 2011


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, R-7-5 PT2

Min. No. 236 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

1. Council arrange a meeting, or series of meetings, as required, with neighbouring councils to review the amount of active open space allocated by councils for use by sporting groups and clubs across the region in an attempt to achieve the optimal use of available space.

2. Councillors, relevant staff, interested sporting groups and community groups to participate in the review process as appropriate.

3. The proposal be referred to the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) for its comment and possible participation in the review.


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, O-9-2

Min. No. 237 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)
THAT given recent events concerning the retention of public thoroughfare along Cup and Saucer Creek at the rear of 30 Pheasant Street, Canterbury, all future development applications creating similar public access issues within the City of Canterbury be assessed with the objective of retaining pre-existing community use of public open space adjoining privately owned land.

06/08/11 Belonging, Being and Becoming Workshop

Canterbury Council offered professional development for its pre-schools and after-schools at a Saturday workshop on Belonging, Being and Becoming as part of raising awareness of Indigenous issues. Greens Councillor Linda Eisler attended in her role as Councillor and member of the Aboriginal Advisory Group.

Indigenous Day 2011   Indigenous Day 2011   Indigenous Day 2011   Indigenous Day 2011   Indigenous Day 2011  

June 2011

Please note that these motions were initially submitted by Councillor Eisler but due to illness could not be initially followed through. Accordingly, Councillors Robson and Kebbe followed through on these motions on Councillor Eisler's behalf.


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, E-37-1

Min. No. 171 RESOLVED (Councillors Robson/Kebbe on behalf of Eisler)
THAT a report be presented on the possible GreenWay Trail options around Wardell Road, Earlwood, including the costs involved and possible sources of funding.


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, P-24-1

Min. No. 170 RESOLVED (Councillors Robson/Kebbe on behalf of Eisler)
THAT Canterbury City Council encourage the purchase of free range eggs and will use its best endeavours to encourage our caterers and food suppliers to use free range eggs.

February 2011


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, T-17-13

Min. No. 39 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Robson)
THAT Council investigate:

  • the implications for the City of Canterbury of the directives by the Department of Planning in regard to ‘Special Use’ and ‘Special Purpose’ zones;
  • whether these directives to rezone our schools, hospital and public facilities such as police stations and fire stations to new zonings that match the surrounding area will allow residential and commercial development to take place on publicly owned land;
  • whether the directives to rezone will facilitate the sale of the land by the State Government to residential and commercial interests;
  • whether the directives to rezone will have any effect on the ability of the community to be involved in decisions about future development of the land.

October 2010


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, C-15-1 PT3, T-17-16

Min. No. 300 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Robson)
THAT a report be presented to the first available meeting of the Environment and Sustainability Committee exploring the possible introduction of a Green Awards scheme aimed at encouraging developers and builders to incorporate green initiatives into their development projects. It is envisaged that the Awards would take the form of certificates presented by Council for green initiatives such as movement activated light sensors and self cancelling light switches in stairwells and other common areas in buildings; AND THAT the report also examine the feasibility of linking the awards scheme with other initiatives such as the Design Review Panel, when established.


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, C-62-2

Min. No. 267 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

THAT a report be presented to the first available meeting of the City Services Committee in relation to the growing problem of stray and feral cats across the City of Canterbury. The report to examine actions that may be taken by Council to reduce the number of unwanted cats, including, among other possible measures, the introduction of a free or means-tested desexing program, an increase in the number of cats traps available to residents on request, an education program to foster responsible cat ownership and the protection of native animals and bird life and discourage the indiscriminate feeding of stray cats and the role local veterinarians and cat welfare groups may be able to play in assisting Council's efforts to successfully address the stray cat problem.

The reason that this motion was reintroduced was as a result of a number of complaints from residents that stray and feral cats are being fed in their areas and are killing native animals. It is hoped that Council will come up with an increased number of solutions including education.

September 2010

16/09/10 Women in Local Government – Making a Difference in Your Local Community

...Download Speech PDF >>>

August 2010

26/08/10 Motion bottled water in all Council owned buildings and facilities be phased out

Original Motion:

"THAT the use of bottled water in all Council owned buildings and facilities be phased out as existing stocks are exhausted AND THAT a program to install water coolers to replace bottled water be developed and implemented as soon as possible"

Moved: Cr Linda Eisler

Amended Motion:


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT3, W-9-4 PT2

Min. No. 232 RESOLVED (Councillors Eisler/Kritharas)

THAT Council ensure that alternatives to bottled water including water coolers are supplied in Council facilities as appropriate.

June 2010


There was a letter from the Metro Migrant Resource Centre disputing the manner in which the Advisory Board was elected. This seemed to be causing a lot of heat in the Community and I believe a mediator was necessary to resolve long standing tensions between the groups. ...
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April 2010

22/04/10 Support for Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

That the City of Canterbury Council write to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Hon Chris Evans MP to advise of the strong support expressed by many residents of the Council area for Dr Sheikh Mansour Leghaei to be allowed to remain in Australia. ...
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February 2010

22/04/10 Waiving Fees for Community Groups

That a report be submitted to Council outlining the feasibility of allowing genuine not-for-profit community groups to use Council’s community facilities free of charge. ...
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November 2009

26/11/09 DCP28 - Climate Change

At our last meeting, in the light of our DCP 28 having last been formulated in 1997. Coincidently the following Saturday Herald had considerable coverage of the predicted issues we will be facing from global warming and flooding. Sydney airport is expected to be flooded. ...
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26/11/09 Counter Motion against LEP

Speech against LEP being adopted and referred to the Department of Planning for final approval and gazettal. This report does not demonstrate enough evidence that the excellent objectives of the report can be met. ...
...Download Speech PDF >>>

25/11/09 Green Way Masterplan

Canterbury Council has been part of the GreenWay project since it began and remains a crucial supporter. Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichhardt Councils have all just passed motions adopting the documents. A similar adoption at Canterbury would be appropriate. ...
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19/11/09 Effects of Climate Change

I am concerned that our DCP28 on Flood Plan and Flood Proofing, which was last updated in 1997, may not be adequate. In particular I am concerned that they do not take into account the latest assessments on the effects of climate change in relation to flood risk.

The NSW government’s draft coastal planning guideline to adapting to sea level rise states: The NSW sea level rise planning benchmarks are an increase above 1990 mean sea levels of 90cm by 2100. ...
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September 2009

22/09/09 Bus Routes

A number of residents have brought to my attention the issue of proposed changes to the 409 bus route. Currently it goes to Keir Ave, which the bus driver said takes 3 minutes to complete the 1.3 km loop from the station, where it is proposes to terminate. ...
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22/09/09 Tree Poisoning

Too often we see people poisoning trees to improve their view or access, or, because they don’t like the mess they cause. We cannot prosecute them unless we know exactly who they are and can prove it in a court of law. . ...
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July 2009

28/07/09 Report on the De-sexing of Cats

Council resolved on 25 June 2009 that a report be prepared regarding free or subsidised cat de-sexing programs. We run a series of Operation Cat de-sexing programing in conjunction with the Cat Protection Society. ...
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June 2009

29/06/09 Development Control Plan

That the eastern units on Canterbury Road be soundproofed and shockproofed. The Myrtilenian Theatre, once the Windsor Theatre be given heritage status. That storage space be included for all units. ...
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25/06/09 De-sexing Cats

That a report be supplied to the next Council meeting on a program to offer free and/or subsidized de-sexing of cats in Canterbury as a way to reduce the number of stray and domestic cats occupying areas like Lakemba and Belmore shopping centres. ...
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May 2009

28/05/09 Youth Delegation Accepted with Minor Amendment

That Council sponsor delegates from the Youth Council to attend the Power Shift Conference in July. ...
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14/05/09 City Development Committee

Review of Proposed Campsie Bypass Road Reservation Amendment. We ensure the pedestrian and bicycle accessway remains uninterrupted. ...
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April 2009

30/04/09 Management of Waste Greywater Fee

That a rebate of $200for instal/operate a waste treatment or greywater diversion or treatment system/device (within the meaning of s68A) – single dwelling be given, if complying with Council Standards. ...
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30/04/09 Weeds on SRA Property

That Council requests State Rail Authority to regularly maintain its properties. Currently Council is receiving complaints from residents that weeds and rubbish are not being removed within a reasonable timeframe. ...
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March 2009

26/03/09 Sustainability principles and practices

That Council recognise and congratulate the work of the City in incorporating sustainability principles and practices into the City’s programs and projects, and request the Directors to incorporate this work into a set of guidelines to guide and shape public works projects undertaken by the City ...
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26/03/09 Decorations for Community Festivals

That an investigation into the feasibility of Canterbury Council providing decorations for major celebrations such as Christmas, Ramadan and Chinese New Year be presented to the next Council meeting. ...
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February 2009

26/02/09 Support For Palestinian Territories

Canterbury Council has a hugely diverse population, some are from Palestine and others are from refugee backgrounds able to empathise with the pain and suffering Palestinians have experienced during the recent invasion by Israel and from which they are still suffering...
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26/02/09 Roof Guttering

That Council writes to Minister for Fair Trading outlining its concerns regarding roof guttering and request it take the following action

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December 2008

Proposed Motions: Ewen Park Car Park Surface, Cuts to Bankstown Train Services

(Ewen Park Car Park Surface) I have requested an investigation into alternative surfacing for the car park that’s to be built in Ewen Park for a number of reasons that have been expressed by a significant number of residents...

(Cuts to Bankstown Train Services) The new timetable for 2009 offers no relief for inner west commuters. It offers no incentive for travellers to use public transport on weekends or evenings and indeed during peak hours when the service to key Canterbury LGA stations is less than adequate...

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November 2008

27/11/08 Canterbury Town Centre Proposal

I am concerned about a number of aspects of the plans concerning a future Canterbury Town Centre.

Basix has been accepted as the maximum we can expect from this development in terms of protection of the environment. I believe we should be looking to a voluntary agreement where the developers go beyond the minimum. Solar power, water recycling and greywater use should all go into the mix. This is an opportunity for building a town of the future.....

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Proposed Motions: Interested Parties Invited To Council Meetings, Acknowledgement of Country, Recycling Water in Car Wash Facilities, Container Deposit Scheme Motion

(Interested Parties Invited To Council Meetings) I believe that when matters of significant community interest are coming before us we have a duty to inform those that have shown interest by contributing to the discussion.....

(Acknowledgement of Country) I took this motion to the Aboriginal Advisory group yesterday and they were pleased that this was motion was being put forward. Again, I do so as a measure of respect for this group in our community...

(Recycling Water in Car Wash Facilities) Water is a scarce resource and will become more so in the future. We need to ensure that non-essential uses are carefully regulated...

(Container Deposit Scheme Motion) The concept behind Container Deposit Schemes (“CDS”) is that the consumer pays a deposit on certain beverage containers that is refunded when the container is returned a collection deposit site....

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October 2008

Proposed Motions: Community Gardens, Environment and Sustainability Committee

(Community Gardens) Residents have approached me requesting Community Gardens for the City of Canterbury. They have also begun sending suggestions for suitable locations. I believe there is sufficient interest to make this a viable project....

(Environment and Sustainability Committee) A healthy future requires that all levels of government focus on showing strong leadership in developing and implementing strategies required to produce necessary changes in environmental, economic and social development....

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September 2008

8/09/08 Speech Given to Earlwood Business Council

I’d like to thank the Earlwood Business Chamber of Commerce for their invitation tonight. I’d also like to acknowledge the traditional owners on whose land we meet.

My name is Linda Eisler. I’m standing as the lead east ward candidate and mayoral candidate for the Greens. It’s my pleasure to be with you tonight to outline the policies the Greens have to provide real support to the local businesses that are the lifeblood of our community....Download PDF >>>


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